Sails.js enable redis sockets allows you to use redis for sockets. Because sails.js uses, it consequently also allows you to set up redis for sockets. Enabling this behaviour is relatively easy. To enable this, open up config/sockets.js and look up this block:

Now uncomment the options, configure the adapter and you’re done.

Javascript dependencies

The never ending journey. As a lot of you might have had as well, I’ve had a lot of problems with managing my javascript dependencies. There are a lot of ways you can do it, but most of them either require a lot of work, or have too many dependencies to work with. I’ve searched…

zend framework 2 blog module

Dear WordPress, After many years of fiddling with you, it seems I have finally reached my breaking point. It started off as exciting, hot, heavy and fun, like most relations do, but it has become an annoyance to deal with you. The resources you ask of me, the many confusing options you present me with……

PHP sandbox online editing

I’m guessing you got to this page because you like PHP, and you like testing without creating entire directory structures or using php -r ”;. Well, me too. That’s why I went out trying to find a tool that could help me with exactly that. One problem! There were none. And the ones that I…

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