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Good day to you all!

This blog post is just the “hello world” of our new release posts. We have been working hard to provide quality modules for aurelia over the past six months, and we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far.
We’ve unified the structure of our repositories, including docs, tests, linters and more.

On top of a bunch of small utilities and repositories we’ve released, we’ve also created these:

These modules are being used, and are becoming more important. This all means it’s time to be more public about what’s going on with these repositories.

Starting with our next big release, we’ll be posting updates on this blog about what exactly it is we’re releasing. This includes migration guides, fixes, features and more.

That’ll be it for now. Until next time!


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  1. Hi, been having a look at your plugin for Aurelia view management. I’ve been implementing a “workaround” for having a distinct view override for languages, ie Sometimes I want a different view for Chinese if the original view cant cope. So for this I’ve been intercepting the view load and trying viewname.en-AU.html and if that 404’s then loading the default viewname.html. Seems I could modify what you have done for the view manager for my needs. But having an issue with refreshing the view when the language changes AND i need to show the alternate view. Can your manager do that?

  2. Btw have to hack the html with devtools to actually enter the value in the captcha!

  3. Hello Tim,

    Thank you for the question, and sorry for the late reply. The blog could use an update. Especially the comment system.

    View-manager can do that. In your case, the trick is in configuring the templates on the fly.

    If you have any more questions, I reccommend joining us on gitter.

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