After almost a year of hard work, we’re happy to announce the release of Wetland ORM!

Wetland is a nodejs ORM, which stands for object-relational mapper. An object-relational mapper is responsible for allowing developers to communicate with their database using an object oriented structure.

SQL based database store data in a relational manner. This format is incompatible with most object oriented formats desired by developers.

Wetland is an attempt to formalize this communication, basing a lot of its architecture on the JPA spec. Other languages have similar systems in place. For example, PHP has Doctrine and Java has Hibernate.


The major features this ORM provides are listed below.

  • Unit of work
  • Transactions
  • Entity manager
  • Manager scopes
  • Cascade persist
  • Deep joins
  • Repositories
  • QueryBuilder
  • Mapping
  • MetaData
  • Entity proxy
  • Collection proxy
  • Criteria parser
  • More…

Getting started

To get started with wetland:

Happy coding!